Delivery Statement

Buy from us and have amazing product delivery experience

It is very important for any online selling website in the delivery system, for our delivery system is very normal and regular. Our website will ensure that our delivery is accurate and we mention to deliver the product in right time. At the time of checkout user can select the delivery date, and we will make sure you will get the delivery on that exact day. You do not need to worry about that at all. We are all time ready to keep our promise- to keep your promise to your loved one.

Another important thing is the delivery process. It takes very less time to deliver. The buyers and sellers are most important for us, but we firstly take good care of the buyers as they are most important part of our portals. Without clients or buyers, we cannot able to sell or do anything. So you have to be extra cautious about the demands of the buyers.

Delivery is the seller’s responsibility

From our portal, you will not need to worry about the pickup process. Because here all depends on you so you can do all things according your convenience. You should keep tracking your orders by yourself and after receiving the orders of the products, you need to pack them in your own responsibility and finally you need to deliver the items in your own shipping process.

Delivery to the buyers

Another thing which keeps the seller in tension is if the products have reached to the buyer house in time or not? Or if the product has any damage or reached safely etc. These kinds of questions are very normal. So here let us tell you, our delivery system is very professional though we will take the entire personal extra care of all the products especially the fragile one. You just need to pack it correctly, or else it will break automatically.

If you have packed it rightly then there shouldn’t any damage in your product which we can assure you. The delivery timing will be perfect and as promised to the buyers. We keep our promises to provide the product delivery in the requested time of the buyer.

The shipping process is the good one with us, and we do believe in keeping our promises. That is why we pick up the ordered products on the same day, on which the order is placed. And deliver it in the right time.

Return and Exchange

  • We do not accept any returns of some specific things like chocolates, sweets and flowers. So the buyers here will be extra cautious when they are providing orders of these kinds of things as a gift. In our website you will get various kinds of gifts.
  • Another important thing is return terms. If any buyer wants to return any product, they need to return it in 7 days.