Become Seller

If you are one of those persons who want to sell your products but do not know from where to start or how to start, then here you can start your business. Here you will get all kind of benefits like a huge audience or buyer and most importantly or experts who will help you 24X7.

Market Coverage

If you can sell your products online here through our portal, you will automatically have huge spectators, which will surely provide the best business to you. Our business experts will always there to help you.

Shipping policy

For every buyer and seller, the shipping process and charges are very important. Here to deliver the product it’s all the responsibility of the sellers. The seller can do it without any kind of hurry, and can do it better. Though the product seller is also shipping the product itself, then there isn’t any need to worry about the damages of the product. The seller will themselves takes a great care of their products, because to provide you the best it is their responsibility, and it will keep their reputation high too.

The seller wills shipped your product on the right time and you will get your product on the requested delivery date. To provide the product on the expected date in very much important for any seller.

Selling Process

To sell your products with OnlineGift4U here you need to list the products first with all the details and pricing on our website After completing the listing of your products, then you need to wait. After that you will started to get orders. Track the orders, and get all the details or the shipping address. Then ready the products with right and perfect packaging. If it is fragile product, package it carefully. Then delivery it.

Payment Schedule

You will get the payment after delivery. To get the payment, the seller will need to request payment through website. Upload delivery Slip and get Payment. We will release the payment after 3 days of successful delivery of gift items.

Documents Required

For selling through our website, you need to submit some documents, which will be the proof of the authentication of yours.

  • The first and very important document is the registered address. We will never pickup the products, because it is seller’s responsibility to shipped the product to the buyers address.
  • You have to accept the MOU which is known as Memorandum of Understanding.
  • PAN card details are very much necessary and important to sell you products online.
  • TIN details are mandatory for Selling with

Charges for Seller

The most important part is the charges and profitability of the seller’s product. If you are now worrying about the registration charges with our portal then you do not need to worry at all. We do not charge any price for product listing. The listings of the products are free.

  • We only charge a small product promotion fee of 10% on the sold item from our website. It is only applied for those products which are sold from our website.
  • Else an ST of 14.5% on the product promotion fee will also be charged.

So Why You Are Waiting For, Come and Shake Hands with us.